Painting Services

When you need superior painting services, make the choice to trust Perry Painting Inc. Since 1986 I've been a premier professional painter, delivering nothing short of exceptional quality painting jobs. My company is locally owned and operated by myself, Mike Perry. I am dedicated to providing my customers with exceptional services and unparalleled quality workmanship.


At Perry Painting I have the skills and equipment to get the job done right – the first time, every time. I have access to certified color experts who can help you with your color selection needs. Whether you need just the trim painted or the entire inside of your home, I will be there from start to finish. My end goal is to make sure your home looks exactly the way you envisioned it to be.  


At Perry Painting , we have the experience and know how to turn your exterior painting project into a reality. I will transform the exterior of your home or office on time and within budget. I’ll take the time to clean and prepare the surface of your home to ensure the best paint adhesion. Actually, I often spend more time preparing to paint than actually painting – this is critical to long lasting paint jobs!


At Perry Painting, I have the expertise and experience to put new life back into your deck. A restoration project is more than just pressure washing—in fact, there are times when blasting the surfaces with a high pressure stream can easily damage the wood and harm your deck. I will assess the situation and use professional grade cleaners and brighteners and then use low pressure to wash the surface. Letting the environmentally safe cleaners do the removal work instead of the high pressure avoids the possibility of damage. Afterwards, the deck staining process begins with the deck sealing. These two layers, when done correctly and properly maintained, will ensure your home has a great looking deck for years to come.


At Perry Painting, I know wallpaper removal, like other home improvement jobs, can require more effort than initially thought and it is important to get the job done right. I will first meet with you to do a proper removal assessment. I will then have a far more educated idea as to the difficulty of removal and what the final condition of the wall will be after the removal.


At Perry Painting, I have the experience to make it look like it never happened. I can professionally repair cracked plaster, repair or replace damaged sheetrock, prepare surfaces, and, of course, apply a fresh coat of paint—I offer a full-service combination that gives you the seamless fix that you expect.




At Perry Painting, I will devote time for the design and for the installation of custom architectural trim molding, wainscoting, mantels, crown molding and door surrounds that will complement your home’s interior decor. By using my installation service, you will receive a personalized one on one design consultation to help you visualize what will look best in your home.